Sanity rule #4: Happiness is a choice; take it or leave it…

imagesSadly, happiness seems to be a very illusive commodity that only visits certain people in the world of unicorns, rainbows and fuzzy kittens. If you go outside your four walls, you’ll get what I’m saying. The very heavy and highly unwelcome world of complaints seems to envelope us no matter where we go. Some places are definitely worse than others (trust me on this…). Negative people seem to hang out at the same place: Club”I hate the world and the joy that may possibly reside in it.” Lets be frank; negativity is the norm. Happiness is elusive. If you found it, then you must have won the lottery, otherwise, there is absolutely nothing to be happy about. Only state sanctioned Casino’s and Publishers Clearing House have complete absolution in delivering to us true happiness. Yes? Maybe not….happiness

You know what? I have honestly found that the happiest people are the ones with the sad, potentially life-threatening problems. The ones who are loosing everything. The people humans tend to walk by and ignore. The one’s who don’t have the guarantee of living another physically productive day in their lives. The one’s with no promise of living to see their first grandchildren born. The ones who could never walk with ease. The ones who took the challenge of finding out their true potential as a human regardless of the ridicule associated with it. The ones who had the guts to pursue their dreams. The ones who never gave up…

When you have a wheelchair, you’re grateful for the one who pushes it. When you’re crippled, you are thankful for the cane that supports you. When you’re hurting, your grateful for the arms that hold you. When you give birth, your grateful the the child that comes at the end of your pain. When you’re in love, your grateful for the chance to share the totality of yourself without judgement. When you choose happiness, you choose something that will create the beauty of the inner person that lies within you. It really is up to you whether or not you’ll be grateful or miserable. Try something out of your comfort zone today…choose happiness… 😀

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