Sanity rule # 2: Do something that scares you every single day

baby1318997Sanity Rule #2: Do something that scares you every single day

So…what does scare you little one? Noises in the dark? Bumps in the night? Talking to strangers? Public speaking? The dreaded mother-in-law? (Oopsy! talking about myself…) Unsightly facial hair in all the wrong places? Bill collectors! Zoink!

Lets face it. Fear is fear. And we humans seem to let it rent out a lot of space in our heads. Why is that? Well, for one, fear has this way of making our imaginations run mind-bogglingly wild. You know, there could be five billion, two hundred and sixty-nine million scenarios in which something may go horribly wrong! Seriously, the possibilities are endless!

But, it’s seems to me that fear enjoys his powerful stance, the rotten bully. He likes to make our brains melt and ooze with terrifying inferences for the worst. Nothing like a good dose of panic to make a day go swell, eh?

Ok, enough of this unsightly fear factor talk. I myself have found that the best cure for overcoming fear is to face it head on. Nothing like confronting the one thing that scares you most! You know, ignorance is Not. Always. Bliss… Trust me, your situation will only get worse if you ignore it. First it will compound, multiplying endlessly until it one day mushrooms into a pulsating, burgeoning wart on the backside of life. Just not pretty. Don’t. Let. This. Happen. To. You!

This post is about doing something that scares you everyday, right? No, I am not talking about running across a six-lane highway during rush hour in Los Angeles. But I AM definitely talking about the things that hold you back. The obstacles that don’t allow you to get ahead in life. The overbearing issues that seem to paralyze you. Words that need to be said. The positive and not-so-positive choices in life that must be made. The bill collectors. Overbearing debt. People we haven’t spoken to in years. The job we hate.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a phone call. Going back to college. Moving into the next phase of life. Getting out of bad relationships. Doing something nice for us. Being courageous once more.

I do realize as I write this that the possibility for rejection or negativity to incur is relatively high in some cases. I understand though that you’re smart enough to know which battles to fight safely and from a preferred distance. And please, don’t set your expectations too high in certain situations. Some people may not respond in the manner you had hoped for or maybe not at all. Don’t worry, you and FB will still survive. Nevertheless, in your heart of hearts, you will know deep down that you tried. And that’s all that matters. Basically speaking, how will you really know if you don’t give it a try? (Sanity rule #11).

You know, magical thing’s happen when we take steps such as the above mentioned. The air is cleared. From us. From them. From the situation as a whole. The Bogyman of anxiety is no longer controlling us. We now have our power back. Honestly, isn’t that what we wanted in the first place? To feel in control of our situations? For me, it was a decided yes. Don’t let anxiety hold you back any longer.

Do something incredible today. Look your fear in the face and make it run.

~Shea O’Malley


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