Sanity rule # 1: Minding your own business

494274666c9335cce03b8d3203ead27eSanity rule #1: Minding your own business.

Minding your own business means just that my friend …MYOB. Let me chat a bit concerning this subject because it’s one of the biggest problem areas that people have. For some reason we don’t enjoy the fact that we aren’t suppose to poke and pry into other people’s affairs. Being “helpful” sounds so much nicer than being labeled nosy, meddlesome or intrusive.

Everyone loves a good gossip, don’t they? Yummy, mouthwatering bits of delicious information to spread around like warm peanut butter on a hot day, pacifying our souls with tidbits of tasty chitchat that is not our own. Wonderful! A good cup of coffee and a willing ear is all you need!

Let me tell you a true story that happened to me just last week…

I use public transportation to motor around and about in my adorable little city. One day after boarding, my driver told me this story:
About a week prior, a man had revealed to her that he wanted to ask me out. He had seen me around and thought I was… cute, I guess. She was honest by telling him that he and I were not in the same league. He was not happy with her answer whatsoever, and neither were the rest of the commuters. An entire bus full of strangers began chiding her and sided with the gentleman on his ability to sway me into dating him!

Now mind you, I wasn’t even there! An entire bus full of people decidedly made decisions concerning my dating life without my knowledge or consent!! Aaaggh!
I was so mortified I didn’t know what to say! The bus driver nailed it though; she declared, “Nobody knows how to mind their own business anymore.” Bingo!

Of course, there is always a fine line between sincerely helping someone and just being a busybody. Plus, in today’s world of intense media saturation, it’s a bit difficult to follow this rule as I’m describing. Lets face it; everyone is in everyone else’s business. Just YouTube it and you’ll find out.

Basically, what I’m talking about is personal day-to-day interaction with family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances alike. A good rule of thumb is to wait for someone to ask for your opinion or advise. And don’t criticize! Humans have this innate idea that they’d like to do things their own way without interference, condemnation, judgment, guilt, shame, or manipulation from others. Those are the paperweights of life. Why stick someone under them at all? And pray! Good idea #1 is to ask yourself if what’s about to emerge from your main facial orifice is a good idea. A quick prayer alleviates angst and jail time. Not kidding on that one…

However you look at it my friends, MYOB is just good therapy for the soul. For you and your next…umm…target. Remember, there are never any happy people on Dr. Phil. So stay sane and remember, it is much safer to mind the tulips growing in your own garden instead of perseverating over the unsightly facial warts harboring on your neighbors face… ☺

~Shea O’Malley


  1. Minding ones own business seems one of the tougher things asked of a person. In today’s climate it seems almost impossible with so many choices out there, and those choices coming so fast and furious. Some embrace change, dive full on into the new and frightening world of tech and all the bad decisions it allows, other hide, won’t touch the things. But, as George Carlin said, “everyone passing me on the highway is a maniac; everyone going slower is an idiot.”
    When the choices for those around you are that clear, how can one hope to mind their own business? I mean, everyone more daring is a maniac, gotta stop that. And all those more cautious an idiot, can’t have that.
    I have been on the end getting the “advice” way to many times. I have also been on the end not even meriting advice but rather judgment. I know how it feels to want to tell people where to get off, to leave me be and handle your own stuff. But this has taught me how to prevent, as much as I can, getting in others business. I try not to judge, I listen and let people live as they see fit.
    All one can really do is live for themselves and as it relates to others you can choose to like, or love them enough to include them, flawed choices and all, in your life. Or move on to something or someone more tolerable.


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