The start of this crazy idea :)

db08dd561aad27af06b68627edab80acThis blog started out as a collective joke. Two months after moving to a new city, people began asking me if I had met my neighbors or new friends. It was then that I realized this author had no life. Work and my aptartment had become my one and only constant. I quickly called a friend who was a master at having fun as cheaply as possible without it hurting the pocketbook. I joined up to become the newest groupie. Suddenly, life became fun again. And without trying, the rest of my life soon followed.

One day, I shared my now interesting life to my sis-in-law. I ever so jokingly blurted out that it was my new “get-a-life-program”. My niece gave me the oddest look, confessing that she also needed a life lift. And then it mushroomed like a fast-moving cloud. Everyone I told begged for the same, even encouraging me to start a website. So here it is. The blog of all blogs…(silly me ☺). If you’re bored, by all means, please join. We’ll have fun together…!

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